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The Law Offices of Molly H. Wolfe has criminal law offices in Frederick, MD & Rockville, MD

The Law Offices of Molly H. Wolfe focuses on criminal law in Frederick, MD and Rockville, MD. Attorney Wolfe can help you after a criminal charge involving domestic violence, drug possession or a DUI. She'll compile all of the evidence to develop an effective defense strategy for your case.

A criminal charge doesn't have to govern your future-consult a DUI or drug defense attorney today.

Know the consequences of a DUI

If you're charged with driving under the influence, you could be facing serious repercussions. In Maryland, the penalties of a DUI include:

Jail time


License suspension

Don't pay for one mistake-retain a seasoned DUI defense attorney. Discuss your situation with attorney Wolfe, and she'll help you build a strong case. Contact the Law Offices of Molly H. Wolfe today to schedule an appointment.